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Amazon's Takeover Of The Economy Is The Real Threat To American Jobs - Huffington Post

Amazons stranglehold on the U.S. economy is growing ever tighter, with devastating effects for the job market, says a report released Tuesday afternoon.

The groups wide-ranging analysis details how Amazon, which recently saw annual revenue top a stunning $100 billion, has reshaped the way Americans shop and radically altered the job market.

After years of undercutting other retailers by selling products at a loss, funneling its customers into its super-convenient Prime service and essentially perfecting the art of online retail, Amazon is now synonymous with online shopping itself.

Taking into account goods sold through third-party retailers on its site, nearly $1 of

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Ruling Means Most of Hillary Clinton's Emails Will Come Out After Election - New York Times

Photo Lawsuits are seeking documents related to Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin, left, pictured on Mrs. Clintons campaign plane. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times WASHINGTON A federal judge on Friday ordered the State Department to finish preparing roughly 1,000 pages of Hillary Clintons emails for release by Nov. 4, a more protracted timetable that means the bulk of Mrs. Clintons emails that were uncovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation will not be released until after the election.

In August, the judge, James E. Boasberg of Federal District Court, raised the prospect of a flood of Clinton emails being released during the final weeks of the campaign, when he ordered the State Department to accelerate the release of nearly 15,000 new emails.

But Judge Boasberg acknowledged the burden for the departments lawyers in reviewing thousands of emails, as well as responding to multiple lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act that seek documents relating to Mrs. Clinton, her aide Huma Abedin, and the Clinton Foundation.

Under the order issued on Friday, in a lawsuit brought by the conservative group, Judicial Watch, the State Department will release 350 pages of emails by Oct. 7, 350 pages by Oct. 21, and another 350 by Nov. 4. After that, it will produce 500 pages a month. Judge Boasberg summoned the lawyers for another status report on Nov. 7, the day before the election.

Questions about Mrs. Clintons private email address and server have hung over her presidential campaign for more than a year, even after the F.B.I.s director, James B. Comey, said in July that her conduct did not warrant criminal charges for mishandling of classified information. Mr. Comey said the F.B.I. had discovered thousands of emails that Mrs. Clinton had not voluntarily turned over to the State Department before its investigation.

Continue reading the main storyOf the nearly 15,000 emails the F.B.I. turned over to the State Department in late July, roughly 9,400 were purely personal, according to the departments lawyers. They will therefore not be released. That leaves about 5,600 work-related emails to be reviewed. But roughly half of those may be wholly or largely duplicates of emails that have already been released.

Duplicates could take the form of a previously released email, which Mrs. Clinton may have forwarded to her aides with orders to print it out. In some cases, the emails were part of long chains, on which Mrs. Clinton was copied at the beginning, but later left off the list of addressees.

We are currently processing these documents for release, said the State Department spokesman, John Kirby. As we have done so, we have noticed that some personal emails remain within the approximately 5,600 documents, so the number may be further reduced.

Each email generates roughly 1.8 pages of print, a government lawyer said, which means about 10,000 pages will be released in total. Only about 10 percent will be made public before the election, which prompted a complaint from Judicial Watch.

The public deserves to know what is in those emails, well before Nov. 8, and the State Department should not continue dragging its feet on producing them, the groups president, Tom Fitton, said in a statement. The American people need to pressure State to stop sitting on these new Clinton emails for political reasons and release them as the law requires.

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Sessions: Trump travel ban could include Egypt - CNN

"The public data that we have indicate there are quite a number of countries in that region that have sent a large number of people that have become terrorists ... Pakistan has a number, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen," Sessions told CNN's Dana Bash on "State of the Union." But Sessions emphasized that any ban would likely exclude some people, such as businesspeople and diplomats.On Monday, in the wake of the Orlando shooting, Trump said if elected he would "suspend immigration from areas of the world when there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats."Sessions, who was the first senator to endorse Trump and has been a staunch defender of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said Trump simply wants to "slow down" immigration from some countries."He simply said, and the way I understand it is, that we should slow down. Let's have a pause and begin to analyze where the threats are coming from," Sessions said. "We have a toxic ideology, hopefully very small within Islam; certainly most people, most Muslims don't agree with this violent, jihadist approach. And we need to figure out a better way to identify that."


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Families of Sandy Hook, Aurora shooting victims blast Bernie Sanders' stance against suing gun manufacturers at City Hall rally

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiTodd Maisel/New York Daily News The Vermont senator has come under attack since telling the Daily News editorial board that he opposes letting the families of gun violence victims file lawsuits against the weapons makers.

Erica Smegielskiis a one-issue voter and she says Bernie Sanders is on the wrong side of hers.

Smegielski, whose murdered mother Dawn Hochsprung was the principal of Sandy Hook Elementar

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Foul play ruled out in Alaskan mayor's death - WMUR Manchester

Stephen Greg Fisk City and Borough of Juneau via CNN Stephen Greg Fisk City and Borough of Juneau via CNN

An Alaskan mayor whose unexpected death sparked rumors of assault actually died of natural causes, according to a preliminary autopsy report.

Stephen "Greg" Fisk was found dead on Monday, just weeks after taking office as the mayor of Alaska's capital, Juneau.

Juneau police told CNN at the time that Fisk had been discovered with injuries but that their cause was unclear.

Rumors the mayor had been the victim of an assault led police to issue a statement warning against speculation.

'No foul play'

On Wednesday, police spokesman Erann Kalwara said an autopsy had been conducted in Anchorage, with the preliminary report finding that no foul play was indicated in Fisk's death.

"According to the findings, the external injuries sustained by Mayor Fisk were consistent with an injury due to falling or stumbling into objects," Kalwara said in a statement.

A final autopsy report, including toxicology results, was expected to be completed within about eight weeks, he said.

Police earlier said Fisk's son had found his father lying on the floor of a front room at the mayor's house.

When the son opened the door of his father's house, he started shouting, neighbors Don and Janet Kussart told the Juneau Empire newspaper. They said they didn't hear anything that sounded like an assault.

Positive campaign

Juneau, population 32,000, is on Alaska's southeastern panhandle near Canada.

Fisk's first term as Juneau's mayor started in October and was scheduled to end in October 2018.

He was lauded for his positive campaign against incumbent Merrill Sanford, the Alaska Dispatch News reported.

Fisk had a background steeped in the fishing industry and was also working as a fisheries consultant, the Dispatch News said.

Deputy Mayor Mary Becker has taken over Fisk's duties.


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Upstate New York town threatened by Arizona man in online post: reports - Reuters

Residents and authorities in a rural upstate New York community were taking precautions after an Arizona man posted a video online showing himself with a gun and saying he was traveling to the town for a possible confrontation, according to media reports.

Jon Ritzheimer, of Phoenix, Arizona, was seen with a gun and claiming that he was heading to Islamberg, a rural hamlet that is home to a small Muslim community about 130 miles northwest of New York City, the reports said. His comments could be viewed as threatening, they said.

Ritzheimer posted the video on Facebook, according to the reports.

New York City's Daily News, citing sources, reported that the FBI had issued an alert to law enforcement agencies to look out for him.

"After recently becoming aware of a video which could have been perceived as threatening against the Muslim community in Hancock, N.Y., the FBI immediately took steps to notify our federal, state and local partners, the paper quoted a spokeswoman for the FBI's Albany field office as saying.

Neither the FBI or Ritzheimer could be contacted immediately by Reuters.

It was at least the second threat against the town this year, after an ex-Congressional candidate from Tennessee was accused of plotting to burn down a mosque and use an assault rifle against anyone who tried to stop him.

Robert Doggart, who made a failed bid for Congress in 2014 as an independent with highly conservative views, pleaded guilty in April to interstate communication of threats.

Formed by a group of African-American Muslims from New York City, the community follows the teachings of Pakistani Sufi cleric Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, who during the 1980s urged his American acolytes to leave metropolitan areas and establish rural communities centered on religious life.

Islamberg is one of about a dozen Muslim enclaves formed in accordance with the cleric's ideas. It also serves as home to Muslims of America, a Gilani-founded organization.

The Muslims of America have called for Ritzheimer's arrest, according to the reports.

"We let the FBI know as soon as we saw the video," a report quoted spokesman Muhammad Matthew Gardner as saying. "We upped our security at all our properties."

(Reporting by Chris Michaud; Editing by Muralikumar Anantharaman)